FMCG Innovation

Asset-out, Low-CapEx innovation

Leverage technical capabilities and manufacturing assets for immediate competitive advantage

Asset-out is about creating new ideas with what your factory can already make. Also, if you want to go beyond what your factory can make, you can do it in a very controlled way.

Our asset-out methodology brings together the voices of technology, operations and consumer. Tap into un-realised innovation capabilities hidden in your factories and laboratories, turning them into new revenue opportunities. From breathing new life into under-utilised assets, to creating new products at low CapEx, to planning R&D investments well ahead of consumer demand.


  • Incremental Innovation: Asset-out thinking helps teams break the perception of manufacturing assets being rigid and inflexible. It reveals a plethora of new solutions can be realised to meet unmet consumer needs across product and packaging, within tightly set CapEx limits. Small but smart changes providing rich new benefits and differentiating features – whilst remaining highly feasible and low cost to implement
  • Game changing, innovation roadmap: Asset-out helps your team identify category technical barriers, providing foresight into where the big new technology enablers need to come from. We’ll simplify the search for solutions from other industries that can inspire those new developments, informing R&D and operational investment roadmaps

What sets us apart is our capability to navigate both worlds, consumer and technology. We enable non-technical minds to understand how manufacturing processes affect features. Similarly, we reveal crystal clear to non-marketing minds how small technical changes in features dramatically improve consumer happiness and competitive advantage.

If you consider your factory and manufacturing assets as a box of Lego, by being clear on what your factory makes (bright red bricks, for example), you create ideas for new products that fit with what capabilities you already have at your disposal. By creating an overview of features upfront (i.e. knowing what you’re good at and also what you might be able to do with a limited amount of investment) you’re securing that you’ll come up with ideas that work for the consumer and for your own operations.

Asset out



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